Schedule of Fees

For a full list of our Professional Fees, please refer to our fee schedules below.

Sonia Jones Travel


Schedule of Fees

Sonia Jones Travel


Schedule of Fees

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Please note that Sonia Jones Travel acts only as booking agent for Airlines/Cruise Lines/Hotels/Wholesalers/Tour Operators and other travel service providers in booking travel arrangements on your behalf. Sonia Jones Travel does not own or operate Airlines, Cruise Lines, Hotels or any other travel service provider and is not liable or responsible for: Any accident, injury or health problems suffered by travellers; Loss or theft of or damage to any personal possessions or property; Delays, re-routing, cancellations or service deficiencies of any service; Insolvency, business failure or grounding of an airline, cruise ship, hotel, or other service.

Sonia Jones Travel recommends  travel  service  providers  based  on  product  quality,  needs   and  requests of our clients. We do not investigate or give any assurance about the financial condition or solvency of any service provider.

Sonia Jones Travel staff, whilst often personally familiar with some properties and/or other travel services provided, cannot possibly be familiar with all properties and/or other travel services provided on offer. Therefore, Sonia Jones Travel staff cannot personally offer guarantees on the quality of services or standards provided by the Air/Cruise Line/Hotel/Wholesaler/Tour Operator or other travel service providers booked on your behalf. In making your booking, Sonia Jones Travel has used information supplied by the hotels and/or other associated travel companies providing the various services. 

Sonia Jones Travel is acting solely as a booking agent for the respective companies and, in providing this information to you, Sonia Jones Travel disclaims, and will be exempt from, any (whether as a matter of contract, tort, statute, restitution, or otherwise) for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, liability, claim, cost, expense, death, injury, illness, shock, inconvenience or delay.

Sonia Jones Travel is not responsible for any cancellations caused by world events, epic disasters, global danger zones , Do Not Travel warnings, riots, strikes or similar events, epidemic or pandemic outbreaks, sanctions, prohibition or restrictions under United Nations Security Council or any sanctions or laws from any governing body.

At the time of printing, the Australian Tax Office has deemed that International Travel is GST FREE. Domestic Travel, if booked in conjunction with International, should also be GST FREE. Whilst, at this time, International Travel is not subject to GST, Sonia Jones Travel reserves the right to impose a GST surcharge if the circumstances change prior to departure date.

Please refer to your individual booking invoice for details of when your final payment is required. Amounts and timelines vary from supplier to supplier. Sonia Jones Travel reserves the right to set an earlier final payment than the supplier in order to allow payments to clear and process in advance of the supplier's deadline.

Preferred payment method varies from booking to booking and is dependent on the individual travel item. We will advise you which form of payment is permitted for your booking. If paying by credit card, Sonia Jones Travel's merchant fees are as follows:
Visa/Mastercard 1.3% inc GST
AMEX 2.25% inc GST
Foreign-issued Visa/Mastercard 3.25% inc GST

In the case where credit card payment is provided directly to the supplier, different merchant fees may apply. We will advise you at the time of payment. 

In the current economy climate, supplier insolvency is at a heightened risk. The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has withdrawn its Chargeback Scheme (ACS), meaning that consumers and travel agencies no longer have insurance in place for supplier insolvency. As a result, we encourage clients to pay by credit card wherever possible via Sonia Jones Travel direct to the supplier (in the case that the supplier accepts credit card payment). If the supplier does not accept credit card payment, Sonia Jones Travel may not accept credit card as a form of payment due to financial risk of charge-back against the agency. 

Sonia Jones Travel
reserves the right to vary prices prior to final payment in the event of significant movements in foreign exchange rates, taxes, price increases from Suppliers or for any other reason beyond its control. This may occur with or without notice to the traveller. NB: Listed prices do not imply that the same or similar product may or may not be available at a lower price if obtained via another source. The rates of accommodation and insurance are set to include the payment to Suppliers, as well as costs of any/all; research, inspection, brochure preparation, printing and distribution, internet downloads, advertising, reservations, facsimile transmissions, telephone calls, postage, bank charges, currency transfers, documentation, courier fees and remuneration to booking agents. Receipt of your deposit signifies your acceptance of the price offered and acknowledgment of these normal commercial expenses.

Sonia Jones Travel may receive fees, commissions, gifts or financial incentives from third party suppliers under a contract. In addition, Sonia Jones Travel charges Professional Fees for certain bookings and services as reimbursement for travel advisory services. Please refer to our Schedule of Fees below for full details. 

Please refer to your individual booking invoice for details of how much deposit is due and when payment is required. Amounts and timelines vary from supplier to supplier. These deposits may be non-refundable or subject to cancellation or amendment fees. Sonia Jones Travel reserves the right to charge a non-refundable deposit in addition to any that the suppliers require.  

If you wish to change a booking prior to final payment, Sonia Jones Travel reserves the right to pass on any amendment fees charged by the Airlines/Cruise Lines/Hotels/Wholesalers/Tour Operators or other travel service providers plus a standard travel amendment fee of (a minimum) $75 plus the amendment fees of each individual service provider. Airfare amendment fees are clearly outlined on your individual booking invoice. Amendments made after final payment may not be permitted by the supplier. Please refer to our Schedule of Professional Fees below for full details.

In most instances, deposits are non-refundable and cancellation fees will be charged if you cancel or terminate your holiday earlier than expected, for whatever reason.  Airfare cancellation fees are clearly outlined on your individual booking invoice. Airline and Cruise refunds make take up to 120 days or longer for processing. Refunds for cancelled bookings will not be paid to the client until the supplier funds have been received by Sonia Jones Travel.

Sonia Jones Travel will not provide you with a refund for any service fees charged if the booking does not go ahead.
In addition, Sonia Jones Travel reserves the right to charge 10% of your booking as an advisory fee in the case of cancellation, even for refundable booking items. 

To comply with the majority of Countries regulations, your passport should be valid for six months after your planned date of return to Australia.

Sonia Jones Travel does not assist with obtaining Visas, ESTAs or ETAs. We are happy to provide you with information pertaining to which countries on your journey will require visas and to direct you to consulates, embassies, official websites and visa services, but we will not process the visa applications for you.

Some countries have certain health requirements which must be met before you will be permitted to enter the country. For some parts of the world there are recommended precautions you should take. Please check with your Doctor prior to departure or visit Travel Doctor.  

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade strongly asks intending travellers to consider taking out travel insurance. Travellers without travel insurance are personally liable for covering any medical and associated costs they incur. The Australian Government will not pay for your medical treatment overseas or medical evacuation to Australia or a third country. Please refer to DFAT Travel Insurance for more information. Travel Insurance may protect you against cancellation fees if you cancel your holiday due to unforeseen (unavoidable) circumstances. Sonia Jones Travel considers it essential that you have adequate Travel Insurance cover for personal accident, loss of baggage and  illness.   We are happy to provide information for you, however, you should personally  read  all  policies  carefully  to  ensure  the  cover  you decide upon is adequate for your needs and you fully understand all the terms and conditions of the policy.

It is recommended that all Australian travellers register their personal details with the Department of Foreign Affairs prior to any international travel. For reasons of political unrest, acts of war or terrorism or natural disasters in certain parts of the world the Australian Government in conjunction with various other worldwide bodies may decide to issue a Government Travel Advisory warning to Australia passport holders not to travel to that country. In these instances, whilst travel to some countries is not advisable and some clauses of the travel insurance coverage may not apply, we appreciate that some clients may still need to travel to these areas. Sonia Jones Travel is prepared to make these bookings on our clients' behalf, however we do so without responsibility or liability. Up-to-date information is available on the Department of Foreign Affairs website.

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(Updated: 21 March 2023) 

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