We do things differently.

Sonia Jones Travel is not Just Another Travel Agency.

We like to do things a little differently, including extra services and personal touches to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Personalised Travel App. In addition to traditional ticket wallets, we deliver all international travel documents and any domestic leisure travel documents via our handy Axus Travel App. This means that you can find all of your travel details at the click of a button (or the swipe on a smart phone). Need a copy of your e ticket? It's on the app. Can't remember your hotel name? It's on the app. Looking for a restaurant recommendation? It's on the app. You'll also receive real-time flight notifications during the journey as well as any last-minute updates.

Delayed Luggage Cover. We include complimentary delayed luggage cover for all business class and first-class airfare bookings. This is a service which tracks and expedites the return of lost luggage. If you're in Boston but your bag is in Buenos Aires, let the luggage guardian angels at Blue Ribbon Bags know and they will be on the case! Other travellers may be able to opt in for this coverage for a fee. Please ask us for more details.

Travel Responsibly. We provide our international travellers with reusable TSA-approved clear bags to use in their carry-on for any liquids and gels. We also have travel essentials such as stainless steel drink bottles and reusable coffee cups made from sustainable materials available for our clients to have. We encourage our clients to take these items with them and to be more responsible travellers.

*Does not apply to Trans-Tasman travel.

We love community.

Sonia Jones Travel directly supports two very different communities - and we are equally passionate about them both! 

Symbiosis International

Symbiosis is a charity based in Bangladesh which provides the most underpriveleged and marginalised Bangladeshis with tools and life skills with which to break the cycle of poverty. Their programs include functional education, community based savings programs, vocational training opportunities and primary health care including maternal health, eye care and access to safe, clean water. Sonia has been personally involved with Symbiosis for a decade and has seen some of their projects first-hand. To learn more about this wonderful organisation, refer to their website, or to donate directly to Symbiosis you can click here

North Brisbane Rugby Club

North Brisbane Rugby Club is a community rugby club with a rich history in Brisbane rugby stretching back 90 years. At Norths it is their goal to develop players, coaches and managers to the best of their ability in a safe, challenging and enjoyable environment. The clubhouse (known as the "nest") at Wavell Heights in Brisbane is a hub for locals, supporters, players and club members alike. Norths is known for the fostering and development of junior rugby union as well as its community spirit. As well as sponsoring the Premier (1st Grade) team, Sonia can also be found on the sidelines of junior games cheering on her son, also a proud Norths Eagle. Keep up to date with Norths' latest news here.

Where to?

Planning your next holiday, cruise or business trip? We would love to help!


Meet the team

We may be small, but with forty years of combined travel industry experience, we know travel.

Sonia & Amy work together to create a seamless travel experience for you.

Amy Gratton

Travel Advisor

20 years travel industry experience

Sonia Jones

Owner &
Lead Travel Advisor

20 years travel industry experience

Christine Percy

Administration Assistant

24 years administration and small business experience

Feriel Belcadhi

Marketing & Admin Assistant

10 years content marketing experience 

How we work

When it comes to putting a trip together, you can work with us one of two ways.

We offer an itinerary planning service.  
Do you love planning your own travels, but this time you're going somewhere you don't know too much about? Are you getting lost in all the information that is out there? You provide us the basic trip brief and we will plan out a trip framework for you. We will also quote you airfares and give you suggestions and travel logistics. The cost for this service varies depending on the destination, length and complexity of the trip. Once you have received our itinerary, you can then make your own booking arrangements independently of SJT, or you can book the whole trip through us.

We look after everything, from start to finish.
Your advisor will manage the whole trip for you, from the flights through to transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, event tickets and signature experiences. We take the framework that we have created and then provide you with quotes to suit your budget and preferred travel style. However, we do not book bits and pieces - we prefer to look after the complete itinerary where possible. This minimises "holes" or errors occurring and creates the most seamless travel experience for our clients. We do not charge fees* to make accommodation bookings, cruise bookings, rail packages, car hire or sightseeing arrangements.

*Once you have paid the itinerary planning fee, there are generally no additional booking charges. This excludes airfares, merchant fees and any cancellation or amendment charges which may apply (as per individual invoices and bookings).

Our T&C's and Schedule of Fees

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