Meet Jodie

Jodie joined the Sonia Jones Travel team in 2017. Jodie is passionate about active and adventure travel. She is happiest on a set of skis, or snowmobiling, or discovering a new destination’s best running trails.

When it comes to her favourite city the answer is clear: “It has to be New York; it’s New York. Is there a reason to not love it?” She also loves the sun and beach holidays, with her favourite destination being the Maldives – so much so she has been there twice! Jodie rates it for amazing beaches, clear water and the ability to instill a sense of complete relation in you.


Jodie has worked in travel for over 20 years, with 16 years corporate experience. Having worked in England, New Zealand and Australia, Jodie brings extensive experience and diversity to the team. She is also a whiz with airfares, both for individuals, business travellers and groups, including sporting and school groups.

Destinations Visited:

USA including New York, Las Vegas, Florida
Canada including Vancouver, Whistler
Europe including Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France, Italy
UK including London, Belfast
Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai
New Zealand including Mount Maunganui, Auckland, Bay of Islands, Napier, Wellington, Taupo.
Australia incluidng Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney

Jodie’s Travel Tip:

For parents travelling with an infant in a bassinet and a toddler, keep in mind the arm rests in the bassinet row don’t move. You may want to book one of you to sit with the toddler in the row behind the bassinet row rather than all together. This will allow you to move the arm rest up providing your toddler with a little bit more room to sleep.

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