Packing Tips

Ever struggled with closing your suitcase or found yourself worrying about the weight of your bag upon check-in?

Here are some of our best packing tips to help you learn to pack like a pro.

Pop your shoes in a shower cap!

This helps prevent any dirty soles making contact with your clothes. Plus shower caps are often much less bulky than shoe bags and take up less room in your luggage. Don’t forget you can still fit things in your shoes too to maximise space!

Consider packing cells or cubes to keep your suitcase organised.

They come in all shapes and sizes. You can use a small one for electronic leads and plugs, another for underwear, another for accessories etc. You can even get anti-odour ones to keep your dirty washing in!

Think Space bags for the bulky stuff

Have a ski jacket you don’t need til you reach your destination/ or other bulky items that steal all the space in your bag? Pack them in a space bag- they can shrink them right down to a fraction of their size. You can get travel ones that you simply squeeze the air out of. No need to worry about finding a vacuum for the return trip and it means you can add that last item once warmly inside the airport!

Consider Portable luggage scales

A great item to travel with for those who love to shop when away and worry about the resulting weight of their luggage! You can purchase small portable luggage scales you can slip into your bag to keep track of your bag weight while travelling. Now you don’t need to worry about any nasty surprises at check-in.

__ before you go anywhere, lay out all of your clothes and all of your money. then take half the clothes and twice the money._ susan heller, travel writer.

Pack a sarong

We always suggest to pack a sarong! They don’t take up much room at all and serve so many purposes. Think a wrap for warmth, a head covering for a mosque, a picnic blanket at the park, a towel for an impromptu swim, a curtain for a door or beach hut or even an extra item of clothing (skirt, top, dress) to pap out the wardrobe.

You can even use it to wrap folded or rolled clothing (then tie the ends securely together) to stop your clothing from getting tossed all over the suitcase- a great tip for those without packing cells.

Think outside the box and minimise what you take.

Want to play some tunes in your hotel room? Pop your phone or ipod in a glass and voila! Instant speaker! Not quite a Bose sound dock but definitely better than no speaker and one less thing to pack.

Take a powerboard to charge all your devices. This way you only need one adaptor – plus for those travelling with kids and teens you have control of where the kids devices are for charging overnight.

Need to charge your phone? Plug it in to your TV in your hotel room. Most TVs these days have USB ports on them – handy place to charge your phone if you are already charging an iPad or your laptop using your power plug

Send it home.

Don’t let a lack of space stop you from buying something super special overseas. If you find something you love, buy it and send it home snail mail. These mementos will remind you of your trip and if it important enough for you to organise sending home are likely something you’ll treasure forever. It supports the local economy and often directly a local artist or shop.