COVID-19 Travel

Travel has changed. Whether you're headed interstate or planning a globetrotting adventure, the fluidity and volume of restrictions and requirements for navigating travel make it more complex than ever. 

We're here to help

Sonia Jones Travel's advisors are here to guide you through every step of the way.
Our services include:
• Planning the design, scope and logistics of your itinerary;
• Selecting your airline and flight routes;
• Reviewing health and safety protocols of hotels, tour companies and cruise lines;
• Making travel bookings with maximum flexibility and clear booking conditions;
• Selecting travel insurance inclusive of COVID-19 related benefits;
• Detailing testing requirements for travel and locations; and
• Assisting you to nagivate restrictions and requirements that each country and region have in place. 

COVID-19 Testing for Travel

Negative COVID-19 test results are required for many global travel destinations, airlines and cruise lines. 

We have partnered with Healius Pathology, Australia's leading Travel Pathology Report provider. With locations Australia-wide, they offer real time RT-PCR and IgM tests for travel. 


PCR testing is also available at Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne International Airports. With results guaranteed within 90 minutes, getting tested at the airport is a great option where travel restrictions require a very short lead-time prior to departure or prior to arrival.

This service is provided by Histopath Diagnostic Specialists.

For those residents in Sydney and Melbourne, there is also an option for PCR testing at home.  A pathology collector comes to you and results are delivered overnight.

This service is provided by Medlab Pathology.

Travel Restrictions & Regulations

International & Australian Domestic 

International Travel

Keep up-to-date with the latest travel and health restrictions for your trip from sherpa.

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Travel within the USA

Requirements can vary from state to state within the USA. Tripsguard is a useful resource for checking requirements for travel throughout North America.

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Australian Domestic Travel

Australian states and territories have their own restrictions and requirements for interstate travel. Health Direct provides all the information you need in one website.

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Be a Smart Traveller

Stay safe with the latest travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) on the Smart Traveller website. 

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Information provided by Sonia Jones Travel is given as guidance only and is accurate at the time of publishing. Always check government websites and airline materials prior to booking and travelling. Once your final travel itinerary has been provided, the traveller is responsible and must ensure that they are up-to-date with any changes which have occurred from receipt of that itinerary to commencement of and throughout their travel. Sonia Jones Travel will update clients to the best of their ability should changes occur, but final responsibility lies with the traveller.