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Last week Jodie had the pleasure of inspecting the Singapore Airlines A350 aircraft. We thought we would share what she discovered with you.


The lounge area is very peaceful, relaxing and is bathed in lots of natural light. Jodie said the food is amazing and the staff very attentive. There is plenty of comfortable seating including these high-backed arm chairs. While there are no flight departure screens in the lounge, the staff make announcements for flights in the lounge so there is no need to worry about missing your boarding call.

SQ lounge

The Aircraft – A350

Business Class – When we asked her what she though of Business class her first word was WOW! The seats are in a 1-2-1 configuration and there is plenty of space and privacy for passengers. The staff can change your seat into a bed for ultimate comfort when you are ready to sleep.


Premium Economy – In Premium Economy the configuration is 2-4-2, with leather seats and footrests. Jodie said that there were fewer of these seats than she expected so we recommend booking early if this is your preferred travel option.

Premium Economy also offers a new dining service called “Book the Cook”, as well as free champagne throughout the flight. “Book the Cook” allows you to pre-select your meal up to 24 hours in advance from a wide range of dishes. Attached is the menu to give you an idea of just what cuisine options are available.

SQ Premium economy

Economy Class – Economy class on the new A350 has a 3-4-3 seating configuration, all the way to the rear. There are no two-seat options for economy on this aircraft.

SQ Economy

Singapore Airlines operates four flights daily between Brisbane and Singapore, three of which are on these new A350 aircraft. From there you can connect globally to Europe, Asia, Africa and now even to New York – the world’s longest flight. This new Singapore-New York non-stop service also uses the A350 aircraft, however the main difference with this flight is that there is only Premium Economy and Business Class available – there is no economy option. Mind you, eighteen hours non-stop would be fairly uncomfortable in economy, even on an A350!

Thanks to Jodie for going aboard Singapore Airlines and for sharing the ins and outs of their A350 aircraft with us.


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