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An Insider’s Guide to Whistler

If you’re thinking of heading to Canada soon this one is definitely worth a read! Our gorgeous staff member Jodie travelled there in February and had the most wonderful time. We thought for the benefit of all our lovely clients we’d pick her brains for any insider knowledge and her recommendations. Here’s what she had to say:

Fairmont Chateau in Whistler at Night

“From the moment I stepped off the plane in Vancouver I was treated like royalty. A private direct service operated by Whistler connection took us to the Fairmont Chateau in Whistler, where we were able to drop our bags and then off to the Spa in Whistler – best cure for any jet lag and to also keep me awake so I can get into Canadian time as soon as possible.

The first night saw us treated to a fine dining experience at The Bearfoot Bistro – where we were told this is not suit and tie attire, you are in Whistler! Eight never ending courses of beautiful food with matching wines. You can also purchase Champagne here and sabre the bottle top and then they put it in a small gift box for you to take home.

A day of skiing on the world famous Olympic slopes, incredible experience. Although the visibility wasn’t the best, just to be out there experiencing the atmosphere was fantastic.  We had lunch at the Steeps on Whistler located 1,850m/6069ft up the mountain.

The third day saw me experience a Yukon Breakfast Snowmobile tour. We got to drive our own Snowmobiles and although it was daunting to start off with, it soon became natural. This experience was made so much more perfect and surreal by hitting falling snow as we went higher up the mountain.

In Whistler I had such incredible experiences in a short time, with many more to do when I return. Great friendly, relaxed, family ski destination. Would also love to go back in Summer and see what Whistler has to offer with all the mountain bike trails and summer activities.



Extra Tips and Tricks from Jodie

For those skiing it’s helpful to know that most hotels offer ski concierge.

Getting out and about in Whistler is pretty easy too and there’s no need to hire a car. Most hotels offer shuttle services and you can get a transfer from Vancouver to Whistler.

Scandinave spa in whistler offers a range of treatments along with hot and cold baths. An incredible way to melt tension, relieve sore muscles and experience the ancient practice of Scandinavian Hydrotherapy.

Hotels in Whistler

A warm, comfortable place to stay and rest after a big day exploring or skiing is essential. Here are a few tried and tested ones to consider.

The Westin Resort and Spa– It’s in a great location right in the heart of Whistler village. The rooms were on the smaller side so perhaps not the ideal choice for families requiring a bit more room.

Four Seasons Ski Resort – here the rooms are amazing! This hotel is located a simple bus ride away to whistler and has many other amenities, golf included!.

Pan Pacific Whistler Mountainside– you would stay here for the views right at the bottom of the mountain! It’s a very dated and basic (think early days of Ikea) above an Irish bar but for those who don’t mind simple decor, the views are worth it.

Fairmont Chateau– this is in a great location and is a very family-friendly hotel. Jodie’s hot tip- try their amazing hot chocolates in the bar after skiing!!!

Fairmont Chateau


Jodie had so much great feedback to share and tales of her Canadian experience to tell that we’ve split it into two posts. The next installment on on Vancouver will be coming your way soon!


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