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Kids Do Venice

My kids were so excited to see how popular their first blog post was that they have agreed to do another for you – this time about their stay in Venice. Over to Master Eleven and Miss Seven again…

Venice Kids statue
Welcome to Venice!

Venice is a beautiful place because at night time you go out into the square and there’s music and you can listen to it and dance. You can get these light up toys there too, but some people want to make you pay more money for them than others. We got two for two euros, we did good bargaining like in Vietnam.

In Venice you can walk or get a boat. There aren’t any cars so no worries crossing the road! You can always get a boat to get heaps of places. Was the boat free, Mum?

Sonia’s note: No, it wasn’t unless you’re under 6 years of age. The best value is to get a 2 or 3 day travel card depending on your length of stay. You can buy these from the ticket machines at the vaperotto stops.

You can walk all over the main island as it is pretty small but you have to catch a boat to the other islands. It is easy to get lost but look out for signs and hints that people have written on the walls. We saw one that said that street was going to a dead end. I didn’t believe them, but then when we went down the next one we saw that there was no bridge on the other street so the sign was right!

Venice canals
No roads in Venice – only canals.

I recommend that you catch a gondola. They are nice and a good experience. You get a good view of the city from a gondolier’s perspective and from the water. It’s relaxing. Oh and there is a throne, I got to sit on that. Gondolas are really cool. I like that one side is lighter so when the gondolier stands on it the boat is balanced. I was worried it would tip over but it won’t so that’s good.

Venice Gondola

We liked the Rialto Bridge. You can go up and back different ways – there are three ways to go. I got a nice shot from the top on one side.

There is a big park on the corner of the island. It’s a nice place to sit or have a picnic and there is a playground. I can’t remember what it’s called.

Sonia’s note: The park is called Giardini – there is a vaporetto stop right in front of it, otherwise it is a 20 minute stroll along the waterfront from St Mark’s Square.

Kids might like to do a scavenger hunt. We did one on our kids tour. You could make up your own list if you don’t want to do the tour, but I think you can do the tour. We liked looking for lions the best.

We had a look at the glass. It’s famous and pretty but a bit boring.

If you go on a ferry to Burano it is fun for families. There is really yummy gelato right next to the ferry. But get off the stop before Burano (Mazzorbo) and walk five minutes to Burano. There’s a fun playground next to a vineyard place. We liked that. Then at the end walk back so you don’t have to wait up in line. The line at Burano was really long.

Burano Gelato
Gelato in Burano, right near the ferry stop

At Burano, there are heaps of coloured houses, like a rainbow. They are all different colours because at night time when the fisherman came back it was dark and there was fog and they couldn’t see. If they had colour on their house they could find their house. Also they didn’t have numbers ages ago, they used the colours instead. Our favourites are the green, aqua blue and purple ones.

One bad thing, there’s heaps of smoking everywhere. Yuck. Oh and there are sooooo many pigeons. If you don’t like them, be ready! We like them and are going to make a pigeon page in our photo book, but our Mum hates them. She said it all the time, “I HATE pigeons”.

But a good thing is we loved the pizza and pasta. Our favourites are cheesy gnocchi and carbonara.

Kids, you should go to Venice!


For the grown-ups…

We travelled in mid-April to Venice. The weather was perfect – clear, sunny, mild days and cool evenings. Tourist numbers were bearable and not too much of a wait time anywhere which was perfect as the kids (and I) find it boring to stand in line! We stayed at the beautiful Londra Palace, in the most perfect position immediately in front of San Zaccaria vaporetto stop and a 5 minute stroll to St Mark’s Square. The service here was outstanding and I cannot fault our stay. I also highly recommend organising your airport transfer through your travel advisor – just 25 minutes door to door by private highspeed boat. It is hands down the best way to get to and from Marco Polo airport!

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