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Cruising – A Kid’s View

My kids are experienced travellers – I love to challenge them, make them eat things they wouldn’t normally, walk for kilometres exploring a city, and have a go at local experiences and customs. They love to give me their feedback on the different hotels we’re staying in (travel-advisors-to-be?), so this time I thought I’d find out what Master Eleven and Miss Seven thought of their first cruise…


On the top deck

It’s cool being on the ship. We love it here! It feels like we are sleeping in a shopping centre because of all the shops. It’s way bigger than a hotel and there are bars and restaurants. But when I wake up I forget I’m on the water – it feels like I am on land!


There are great views from the top and you can see everything. Did you know when you run on the deck in the same direction that the ship is going and you look down at the water it feels like you are going super fast. It’s really fun, you should try it.


Cruising is the best way to visit lots of countries in a short amount of time. We’ve been to four countries in four days! But the shore excursions are a bit boring. We like going ashore and exploring, but then it is fun to be back on the ship.

Chasing pigeons in Split

I love that you can order whatever you like and just show your cruise card. We even get gelato with as many scoops as we want (except if Mum’s looking). And there is a lot of food. I like the variety. One bad thing though – we didn’t have any chicken nuggets on our cruise. This was disappointing. Can you put it on the menu please?

Some tips from my kids to your kids going on their first cruise –

  • Get a map of the ship and keep it on you at all times because it is really easy to get lost!
  • Bring your camera with you so you can take a lot of cool pictures on the ship and also when you are on shore.
  • Bring stuff to do that doesn’t need Wi-Fi as it’s really expensive and Mum wouldn’t pay for it for us.
  • Don’t forget your swimmers, and make sure you find out where the ice cream bar is!

Cruises are fun. When are we going on our next one, Mum?


For the grown ups:

We cruised aboard MSC Poesia from Genoa to Venice in April 2017. This is a large cruise ship with 3300 passengers – mostly made up of Europeans. We had four port days and one sea day, with stops in Civitavecchia, Corfu, Kotor and Split. MSC Cruises are excellent value and have regular departures to and from Italy.

Safe Travels,

x Sonia x


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