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Rediscovering Rome

It is sixteen years since my last visit to Rome. As a backpacking twenty-something, I’m not sure that I understood or appreciated Italy’s Eternal City. My memories were of a busy, dense and dirty city, dotted with a few important religious monuments and overrun with crazy drivers.

Now, having just spent three days in Rome, I feel like I have reread a book – one that everyone told me I would love but that I was too immature to understand the first time I read it.

Rome is elegant; she is striking; she is relaxed; she loves a coffee in the morning and a Campari in the early evening. There is beauty everywhere – from piazza fountains and roadside statues to the detailed masonary and wooden shutters gracing even the most common of buildings.

Make sure you stray away from the historic centre. As amazing and awesome as the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the Pantheon are, follow your taste buds and delve into Campo dei Fiori, or head across the Tiber to Trastevere for authentic food experiences and a labyrinth of narrow streets, picture-perfect piazzas, hidden churches and wonderful boutiques. Meander through the Roman Forum or the Villa Borghese – soak up the atmosphere, admire their spaces and how locals enjoy being there as much as the tourists.

Rome, I am enamored with you and so glad that I now appreciate you and all of your Romanesque ways. The coin is in the fountain again – I’m coming back.

Safe Travels,

x Sonia x

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