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Rocky Beauty

It’s no secret that I absolutely love to travel. I was two years old when I first went overseas and now thirty-six years and over fifty countries later, I am still excited when I get on a plane.

As a travel agent, I spend every day metaphorically travelling the world with my clients. I have strong images and ideas of what a place will be like long before I get there. I have high expectations – and so when I arrive somewhere that is more beautiful, more serene, more breathtaking than I could possibly have imagined, I… well,  I cry.

Lake Louise made me cry. The incredible colour of the water, the clarity of it, the dramatic snow-capped mountains and glacier backdrop – it is everything that photos show and much, much more. I arrived just days after the lake had melted and the water was absolutely crystal clear.

DSCN5136 (2).JPG

Lake Louise is one of those spots where the light can change in an instant. The colours shift, transitioning from a smoky ice blue to aqua. The mountains turn from grey to black to midnight blue. You can’t turn away from it in case it changes again.

Lake Louise, you are something special.


Safe Travels,

x Sonia x


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