Driving on the Right

Right. Right. Right. Right. 

I repeat my mantra as I sit in my rental car, psyching myself up, ready for the drive ahead. It’s 7.30am in Los Angeles and I’m fresh off the thirteen hour flight from Brisbane. I’ve only got about an hour’s drive, but for someone who hasn’t driven on the right-hand side of the road for over a decade, there’s a bit of edginess about this trip. Right lane, Sonia. Deep breath. Unclench hands. Rightrightrightright.

Thank God for GPS units. I happily follow Gabby Garmin and her dulcet tones as she sweet talks me with exit numbers and approaching turns.

So I’m on the right, and I know where I’m going – now I have to think left for indicators, gear stick, hand brake, driver’s seat… although putting on the wipers, whacking my hand on the car door and sitting in the passenger’s seat are slightly less disastrous than turning my car in to oncoming traffic!

As for my hire car, imagine my excitement when this gorgeous beast welcomed me at Avis, only to find that my actual rental was less “hot supermodel” and more “suburban Mum” in style!

It’s now day two in Nina Nissan and things are much better on the right. I even managed to stop and take photos of the Santa Monica Mountains and the views to Malibu on today’s outing. Only two accidental wiper flips and one passenger door opening as well!

Tomorrow is the main event – Los Angeles to Las Vegas via West Hollywood and an outlet or three for a spot of shopping. Virtuoso Travel Week awaits!


Safe Travels

x Sonia x


  1. Have fun!! (The two things that trip me up when driving – when turning left, look for oncoming traffic and traffic approaching from the left. Stay safe)


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