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Tangalooma – Little Fiji

Tangalooma Island Resort is one of those places that South-East Queenslanders have known about for years - but kind of forgot about.

Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island lies a short 75 minute boat ride away from the Queensland capital of Brisbane. It’s one of those places that South-East Queenslanders have known about for years – but kind of forgot about. I’ll put my hand up – guilty as charged – and really didn’t put it into the mix of holiday options for couples and families looking for a local beach break.

Tangalooma Island Resort
Tangalooma Island Resort

However, a recent overnight trip with some fellow agents to this former whaling station has reawakened my love for this place. Imagine long sandy beaches, crystal clear Queensland waters, fantastic snorkelling, 35-metre tall sand dunes, whale watching, a host of beach activities and accommodation for every budget.

Arriving at the jetty at Tangalooma
Arriving at the jetty at Tangalooma
Fancy sand-tobogganing?
Fancy sand-tobogganing? Remember to keep your elbows up and your mouth closed!

Want an action-packed weekend away with sand-tobogganing, quad-biking and parasailing? More into marine life and prefer to head out into Moreton Bay to watch the hump-back whale migration, then snorkel along a wreck and hand-feed wild dolphins? Or perhaps you’d rather be lying on the beach with a cocktail in hand and your head in a good book?

Poolside at Tangalooma
Poolside at Tangalooma

Whether you’re taking your significant other, a group of mates or a tribe of children, Tangalooma has accommodation to suit. From 3.5 star hotel rooms, 1 bedroom suites and beach houses to to 4.5 star apartments, you’ll find something to fit your budget and holiday style.

Tropical views from our room
Tropical views from our room

Day trips are also a great option for those who don’t have time for an overnight getaway or are looking for an interesting day out from Brisbane. From June to October you can take a whale watching cruise, and year round you can do a day trip to Tangalooma Island Resort that for a day on the beach, enjoy the activities or to feed the dolphins.

One of the highlights of my stay was the quad biking. I was beside myself as I am hopeless on any kind of moving vehicle that isn’t a car – I can’t ride a bike and my only experience with a scooter landed me into a brick wall! Needless to say the idea of speeding around sandy paths on a quad bike wasn’t sitting well with me! But what an experience it turned out to be – along beach tracks, through the palm trees and back home along the sand as the sun was setting. So beautiful… and sooo much fun!

Sunset over Moreton Bay
Sunset over Moreton Bay

So next time you’re thinking of a beach break in South East Queensland, consider Tangalooma Island Resort – our own version of Fiji just across Moreton Bay. Email me for more details and access to special rates –


Safe Travels,

x Sonia x

Thanks to Tangalooma Island Resort & MTA Travel for hosting me.


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