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Google, Social Media & China

You would think that after a lifetime of world travel and having sent so many clients to far-flung corners of the globe that I would have known. You would have thought I’d have read something or somebody would have told me about it. But no.

So when I arrived in a highly developed part of the world that seems in so many ways to be at the forefront of everything, it knocked me sideways that I couldn’t do something as simple as update my Facebook status.

In China, Facebook is banned. You can’t post photos of your trip on Instagram. There’s no tweeting about the view from the observation deck of Jin Mao Tower. There’s no sharing with your mates that you just found a great little dumpling place. There’s no “googling” of anything. There’s no access to gmail. There’s no sending pictures through Messenger.  And don’t even think about uploading a new blog post! Nothing. Nada. Zip. Total Social Media Blackout.

Google and anything google-related will not work in China.
Google and anything google-related will not work in China.

Once you get over the shock at being “disconnected” (as well as the realisation that you are completely addicted to social media) you may actually discover that the art of conversation is not dead and that sometimes it’s nice to be in a blackout.


Safe Travels,

x Sonia x

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