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Shanghai Surprise

It’s time to grab the passport again and head to somewhere new for me. I’m headed to China this week for a few days of immersion in Shanghai. I’m imagining a lot of people (24 million of them to be exact), bargain shopping (am taking an empty bag!), dumplings galore and a mixture of old and new.

Plans for my stay include plenty of sightseeing including a cable car tunnel ride under the Huangpu River, a visit to the Yu Gardens, a stroll through Chinatown, an afternoon at a tea house, a river cruise, and a day spent exploring the ancient water town of Zhujiajiao. Oh and did I mention bargain-hunting and dumpling-eating too?!

Shanghai Skyline. Picture from wikipedia
Shanghai Skyline. Picture from wikipedia
Dumplings. Photo by wandermelon.
Dumplings. Photo by wandermelon.
Zhujiajiao - Shanghai's Venice. Photo by
Zhujiajiao – Shanghai’s Venice. Photo by

As usual, I’m not even remotely packed – the suitcase is open and a few random items have been placed around it. It’s springtime right now so temperatures in the low-twenties are expected and not much rain.

If you have any tips for me for my time in Shanghai I’d love to hear them!


Safe Travels,

x Sonia x

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