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Wanderlust – France

Dust off your phrase book and get your sommelier skills up to speed... We are off to France.

I find travel trends fascinating.

People – including clients, hoteliers and fellow travel professionals – often ask me where Australians are travelling to and why. While I don’t have any concrete data on which to make my assertions, I figure that if I have several clients showing a surge in interest in a particular destination, it means it’s hot and on the travel radar.

For those of you researching your next trip or tapping into your inner wanderlust, here are some of the most popular spots on the radar for my clients.

First stop – dust off your phrase book and get your sommelier skills up to speed…

We are off to France.

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This year France is drawing several second and third time visitors to explore its chateaux (such as some of these in the Loire Valley), hunt for Paris’s ultimate macaron in the bakeries of the Marais, or relish in long lunches at champagne houses. Some travellers are heading there to hike through the Alps, enjoy a walk through hamlets and the beautiful French countryside or cycle through Provence. Others are hoping to trace the footsteps of fallen soldiers through the battlefields of the Somme and Normandy, while other travellers will opt to enjoy France’s history, art and wine from aboard one of the beautiful riverboats cruising the waterways of the Seine and the Rhone.

Whatever your reason for journeying to France, you are bound to find something or somewhere to immerse yourself and enjoy this diverse European country.


Safe Travels (& “bon voyage”)

x Sonia x


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