A Word A Week Challenge Italy

A Word A Week Challenge – TRADITIONAL


Erice, Sicily
Toretta Pepoli – Erice, Sicily

Nothing is more TRADITIONAL than some of the ancient sites you can discover in Sicily, Italy. 

One of my favourite spots was the medieval hillside town of Erice. The town is perched about 750m above sea level, looking down upon the city of Trapani, the salt flats of Marsala to the west and the stunning coastline of Capo San Vito to the east.

Apart from plenty of places to feast of TRADITIONAL Sicilian delicacies such as arecine (rice balls), pasta with sardines and the best cannoli you’ll find anywhere in the world, there are several ancient sites to explore. This view (above) was one of my favourites. It is of the remains of Pepoli Castle (or Toretta Pepoli).

There’s another castle too from Norman times – Venus Castle (or Castello di Venere). 

Venus Castle, Erice
Venus Castle, Erice

If you’re visiting Erice, my advice is to park in Trapani and take the cable car up the side of the mountain to the top. You avoid the very windy road as well as exorbitant parking fees at the top. 

From the Cable Car - Trapani below
From the Cable Car – Trapani below

For more interpretations on this week’s theme, see Sue’s blog.


Safe Travels,

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