A Word A Week Challenge Travel

My 100th Post & A Word A Week Challenge

This entry marks the 100th blog post for

Sonia Jones Travel.

To all who take the time to read and follow along with my travels, thank you.

(Perhaps the photo should have been me with a celebratory glass of bubbly instead?)


Now, this week’s challenge work is CARRY. I have to admit that the images I’ve chosen are not the best photos that I have ever taken, but many are impromptu grabs of the camera in an attempt to capture the moment.

Take this first picture. It was snapped out of the window of a moving vehicle on a back street in Bali – I’ve seen many different ways to carry things on my travels, but this one was incredible. Could he have strapped any more to the bike???

Loaded up, Bali
Loaded up, Bali


Then there was this Egyptian dancer in Cairo looking an awful lot like she was carrying a candelabra on her head…

Egyptian dancer, Cairo
Egyptian dancer adorned with a “shamadan”, Cairo

Then there is carrying the pigs off to market in Vietnam…

Pork Banh Mi to go... Danang, Vietnam
Pork Banh Mi to go anyone? Danang, Vietnam

We have the more traditional interpretation of the word carry – mothers carrying their children in East Africa.

Masai women and their children, Kenya
Masai women and their children, Kenya


I have to admit though that my favourite carry is in the basket of a hot air balloon, high above the grassy plains of the Mara in Kenya.

Carried in a balloon above the Mara
Carried in a balloon above the Mara


For other bloggers’ takes on the word CARRY, check out Sue’s page here.


Safe Travels,

x Sonia x


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