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A Word A Week Challenge – WATER

A Word A Week Challenge - WATER

The word for this week’s challenge is WATER.

Itsukushima Shrine on the island of Miyajima is one of the most iconic images of Japan. Located a short ferry ride from the mainland and thirty minutes from Hiroshima, this Shinto gateway appears to float on the WATER at high tide.

The shrine is dedicated to the three daughters of the Shinto god for Seas and Storms. The island of Miyajima itself was considered sacred and for years people were not permitted to set foot on it so as to maintain its purity. Itsukushima shrine and its red gate were constructed over the water so that they looked as if they were floating.  This allowed pilgrims to approach  it, guiding their boats through the red gate before reaching the shrine.

When the tide is out, visitors can walk right up to the red gate.

Put a Miyajima day trip (if not an overnight stay) on your next Japanese itinerary. It is particularly spectacular in cherry blossom season and the autumn.

For more watery inspiration, see this week’s Word A Week Challenge here.


Safe Travels,

x Sonia x


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