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A Word A Week Challenge – WAITING

Uluru - Pre-dawn
Uluru – Pre-dawn

This week the word is WAITING.

I tried to think of what “waiting” photos I had that were worth sharing with the world… Waiting in a queue? Waiting for a train? Waiting for a meal? Waiting for a fellow traveller who is constantly stopping to take yet another photo? (Oh, er… that last one would be me! I’m always last!)

Instead I remembered back to one of the most magical “waits” I have had on my travels – waiting for the sun to rise over Uluru in Central Australia.

You arrive at the foot of the rock in darkness and set up at a viewing point as the sky – and the rocks colours – unfold. With every change in the light, Uluru shifts. From the black shadows of night, to a dull brown, to a burnt orange, to a fiery red – all in the time it takes to shift from pre-dawn to early morning light. It really is incredible, not to mention freezing cold.

Uluru - in the darkness
Uluru – in the darkness
Uluru - Sunrise
Uluru – Sunrise

See how others interpret this week’s word here.

Safe Travels,

x Sonia x


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