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A Word A Week Challenge – GAP

A Word A Week Challenge - GAP

I love this week’s word – GAP.

I could have gone for canyons, gorges, bridges, even GAP clothing store signs, but I knew straight away that I had to share this one instead – a beautiful Kenyan boy who melted my heart.

I took this photo during a village visit in Samburu National Park late in 2012. After I snapped his picture, he rushed over to see it on the camera’s screen. My kids love doing this too – in fact, my daughter insists on seeing every single photo of her immediately after I have taken it. Anyway, I asked him to pull a funny face for me, just as my children do after a “proper” photo. I was greeted with this gorgeous tongue poking out a wonderful GAP in his front teeth. He then had to see that photo too – of course!

Check out the other entries for this week’s challenge here.

Happy New Year to all my followers and fellow bloggers!


Safe Travels,
x Sonia x


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