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A Word A Week Challenge – POSE

A Word A Week Challenge - POSE

A trickier word this week for Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge.

This week the word is POSE.

While I have plenty of photos over the years of me posing in front of monuments, on tops of mountains and holding various beverages, the best POSE photos in my collection involve animals.

We saw this majestic beast on the last morning of our stay in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Talk about a pose – regally poised in the grassland, surveying his surroundings. His pride were about two hundred metres away from him – close enough in case of trouble, but far enough away from his children…

Safe Travels,
x Sonia x


  1. I have to comment on the back ground in your photo Sonia. This is what I thought Africa would be like, however, we found Kruger Park and Sausage Tree Camp and nearby private Reserves totally different.

    You did get him to really stike a pose for you …. all anmials were magnificent.


    1. Oh thank you! The Kenyan landscape is so diverse. It wasn’t until we arrived at the Mara at the end of our trip that I felt like “this is the Africa I had imagined”. I absolutely get what you are saying about other spots looking so very different. The lion was so regal and proud. Felt so lucky to have seen him!


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