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Road Trippin’ – A Day on the Farm

How’s the serenity…

A delightful morning at Wayward Jerseys today. We’ve bottle-fed a week-old lamb, a two month-old calf and two crazy piglets. We’ve fed the chooks, ducks and roosters. We’ve found two eggs (which are breakfast tomorrow!). We’ve fed apples to the goat, two dairy cows and a horse. We’ve ridden on the back of a quad bike and taken feed to the cattle – talk about an experience being chased by hungry cows mooing at us for their feed! Not quite Pamplona’s “Running of the Bulls” but still…










Highlights from a morning on the farm

We’ve heard about life on the farm and its constant ups and downs; the impact of drought; the live export market and the resulting death of local abattoir industry; the reality of mining companies and their right to come unannounced onto your farmland to drill; how Australian farmers find it almost impossible to survive purely as farmers – some other kind of employment or side business is required to pay the bills. That’s the reason that the family here at Wayward Jerseys have opened the farmstay. It also gives their young family a great quality of life and a chance to share their way of life and special part of the world with city slicker folks like us.

In the afternoon we decided to do our bit for the local Uralla economy and head into town. An excellent lunch at Top Pub, followed by a taste of some locally brewed ales at the New England Brewing Co (loved their Pale Ale especially), some lollies from The Sweet Place sweets shop, then a little stop at a winery called Whyworry Wines. Their Pinot Noir and Verdehlo are excellent in our opinion!



Downtown Uralla

With a slightly more laden car we headed back to the farm for a bit more of an explore on the property. My boys tried their hands at panning for gold and gems in the creek – we didn’t find a gold nugget or a ruby but my son managed to fill his gumboots with half of the farm’s creekwater!

So it was with heavy hearts we said goodbye to the animals to head off on the next part of our road trip. Two nights wasn’t nearly enough to explore the property and the lovely surrounds of New England. We will be back!


Next stop – Lake Macquarie.

Safe Travels
x Sonia x


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