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Road Trippin’ New South Wales

Road Trippin' New South Wales

We’re only four sleeps away from CCCC… Claustauphobic Chaos in the Car with Children.

It seems crazy – we’ve taken our kids on a twenty-four flight halfway around the world, but we haven’t driven more than two hundred kilometres from home with them! Time for that to change as we spend the next thirteen days in the confines of our family car.

We’re headed south, and (being the planner that I am) we have our route set. We’ll cover around 2300km all up and will have time on a farm stay in mid-New South Wales, then a couple of days lakeside before retreating to the Blue Mountains. After that we head to the Big Smoke of Sydney to tick off the tourist list there before bee-lining up the east coast and back to Brisbane.

We will be doing our best to spot those famous Aussie “Big Things” such as the Big Banana, Big Orange, Big Soldier, Big Avocado, Big Prawn, Big Windmill and the Big Blue Heeler.

Although part of me is dreading the inevitable cry of “are we there yet?”, I am actually really looking forward to this new family adventure. The kids are really excited about it – hopefully they will remember that excitement when we are only an hour into a six hour drive to the first overnight stop!

The iPod is loaded with plenty of tunes and audio books. The iPad has movies and TV shows at the ready. The library bag is overflowing with new books to read. Snacks have been purchase so as to keep the little people well-fed. Colouring books, new pens and stickers are loaded into bags.

What else will we need to keep two kids entertained for a couple of thousand kilometres? Suggestions welcome!

See you on the road!

Safe travels,
x Sonia x

Photo is of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, taken by Sonia Jones 2011

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