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Top 6 Travel Tips: Eat Busy

Tip Number 4: Eat Busy.

It is often tricky to find that balance between the safe option of eating in your hotel or launching yourself into the unknown of local food stalls and restaurants. My golden rule is always to “eat busy” – if it’s packed with locals, it’s got to be OK. It doesn’t matter how clean or inviting a place looks, if there isn’t another soul in sight – or if the only diners are tourists – then go elsewhere!

I love going to small, intimate places and asking other people what they are eating or what the house speciality is. Be game, be brave and be bold! You might be surprised at what you discover…


Sampling local fare at an izakaya (pub) in Japan.


Escargot (snails) in the Loire Valley, France… not bad! 


My husband with a plate of Parma ham and salami in Parma, Italy. “Buonissimo!”

Some of my favourite places to eat from our recent travels include:

* Okonomimura, a street dedicated to the local speciality okonomiyaki in Hiroshima, Japan  (there is even a restaurant called “Sonia” there, how apt!) – website:

* La Botte di Bacco, a gorgeous restaurant in the heart of Radda in Chianti, Italy. The perfect place for buffalo mozzarella and a glass of local Chianti vino – website:

Petitenget, a fabulous cafe in Seminyak, Bali. This place has a relaxed and chilled vibe. Coupled with a great menu and cocktail list, it should be on your must-visit list during a Balinese getaway – website:


Some of our feast from Petitenget, Bali. 

What are your dining hints and recommendations for travelling? Share them here.

Safe Travels

x Sonia x



  1. Reblogged this on Life is Short. Eat hard! and commented:
    Fantastic advice for travelling foodies from Sonia at Sonia Jones Travel! This is something J. and I always try to do – eat with the locals, eat where it is busy and be adventurous.


  2. This is so true! I just was in this predicament today while still searching for new places to eat in my new town! I definitely picked my meal based on how many people were there! Thanks for sharing!


  3. The food and your descriptions are a pleasure to read… :). Love your blog… especially since I am also a passionate foodie and a total wanderlust myself!


  4. we once followed the crowd (and a local’s recommendations) to a tavern in croatia where we had deep-fried frog! the best way to figure out what to order overseas, is to point at someone else’s table 😀


      1. like chewy spring chicken, very nice! I’ve had frog before, so that wasn’t the shocking part – just that they had trussed the frog up into some rather painful-looking contortions so it looked a little surreal..


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