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Top 6 Travel Tips: Plan It

Time for another “Top 6” list.

Clients and friends often ask me for tips and tricks to help them during their travels. Many are destination specific, however there are a few that can apply to any style of trip in any part of the world. They are things that I have found to be useful – both as a traveller and as a travel agent. I hope you find them helpful too! From the bottom of the list to the top…

Number 6: PLAN IT.

Clients are always asking me “should we pre-book that before we go?” or “should we have an idea of what we want to see in each spot?” The answer to  both is a resounding YES.

Who wants to spend their holiday working out where to stay or what to see? Wouldn’t you rather be making the most of your time and enjoying the destination, rather than pouring over web pages and guide books and sitting at local tour desks? I think it’s really important to have a plan. What do you really want to see? Where do you really want visit? Is there anything that you can pre-arrange that will mean not having to queue for hours to get tickets?

It doesn’t mean that you should have every single minute of your holiday accounted for. In fact, I think it is equally important to make sure that you have some “down days” where you have some time to simply enjoy where you are or to be a bit impulsive. Those breathing spaces in a holiday are also part of the plan – to have a lazy morning laying by a pool reading your novel, or sitting for hours in a busy cafe overlooking a square, a surprisingly pretty little town that you decide to stop at on your road-trip, or an impromtu visit to a local market that you didn’t know was on.

Market Stall, Chianti
Market Stall, Chianti

By planning you reduce the stress and enhance the enjoyment of your holiday by maximising your time. If you have twelve months in Europe, your plan can definitely be more vague than someone who has three weeks. And if you’re one of those people who doesn’t have time to work out the plan yourself,  or you’re not sure how to go about it, why not make enlist the services of somebody who books and plans holidays for a living? (Hint, hint!)

Safe Travels!

x Sonia

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