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Heike-so Minshuku, Gokanosho

Heike-so Minshuku, Gokanosho

This is one of the places I am most excited about visiting on this trip – Heike-so. Matsuoka san, the owner and current inn-keeper, was born at Heike-so, left at 18 years of age to go to University, but after four years returned to Gokanosho. In his words, he felt his heart belonged here.

“At Gokanosho, we have thirty-six hours in a day. That is the feeling that we want you to have when you stay here.”

Goodness knows I could use thirty-six hours a day right now, but I am certainly looking forward to serenity, natural beauty and getting back to the simple way of life for a few days.

Less than forty-eight hours until Hidden Japan begins.

x Sonia x

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