Kenya Travel

Kenyan Dreaming: A First-Timer’s Footsteps

I’m getting ready for my next trip. In usual style, there was an initial surge of energy, excitement and planning – a flurry of vaccinations, visas and guide-book purchases- but since then I haven’t really been thinking about it too much.

Suddenly the trip is upon me. Eight days and counting. Kenya. The Big Five (I hope), however I’ll settle for a few zebras, a lion and maybe a rhino. Not that I’m greedy mind you – just setting foot in Kenya and experiencing a stay in a luxury safari camp is a dream come true in itself.

My itinerary includes two nights in the capital, Nairobi; a night in the legendary Ark tree lodge overlooking a salt lick and waterhole in Aberdare National Park; two nights within the pristine forest of Samburu National Reserve; a night each at the Pink Lake (Lake Nakuru) and Lake Naivasha, before retreating to luxury for two nights at the Masai Mara’s Olonana Camp. We then returning to Nairobi for some last-minute sightseeing (also known as souvenir shopping!) before making the journey back home.

To say I am excited is an understatement. I’m also a little nervous – unsure about leaving my little family behind for twelve days, as well as not knowing quite what to expect from Kenya and in particular Nairobi. A military friend of mine said to me today to “stick with the group” and not to “break away from the pack”, which has sent a few butterflies loose in the stomach. I won’t think about that too much…

So now I am thinking about memory cards, binoculars, tripods, soft-sided bags (and only being able to take 15kg of luggage with me… will deal with that later), walking shoes, “safari” wardrobe, foreign money, power plugs, headphones, insect repellant… what haven’t I thought of? I’m a seasoned traveller, but never having been to Africa before, my standard packing regime is a bit shaken and I’m worried I’m going to miss something vital. More research required.

Stand by…

Sonia x


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